Friday, June 7, 2013

QUICK (tiny little) UPDATE - The newest partnership and CLEAR SHOT for getting this into a "package" for shopping around comes in the form of someone I have known since her birth (LIT-TRALLY). Her parents and my parents swapped houses in 1988. They got the relatively large home (keyword = relatively; this is Northwest NJ, mind you!) I grew up in (huge in-ground pool, 5 bedrooms, a gazillion baths and showers, a massive fire place downstairs in the "Rec" room, a whole "grandma's apartment" thing with a separate entrance, my own separate Rock & Roll Room as a kid that was big enough to be a normal kid's bedroom, and plus it was on two nice huge acres back then - yes, that I had to mow - yes, with a riding mower [ha!] ). So then my parents got a more modest little Post-Kids home (which I lived in 6-9 months out of the year for free while they were at their place in Florida - this was before they became full-time Floridians many moons ago). Anyway, this kid (LOL! she is a grown woman now!) is now a REAL-LIFE producer for an ACTUAL sci-fi flick due to come out thru Warner Brothers. For real. Anyway, she LOVES New Trinity Dawn and still sees it as a potential cash cow (as do I!). She's totally booked up now and so am I. But this is the path, my friends.

And without naming names - yes, OF COURSE it's "Mr. Mellow's" daughter. Yeah, "Mr. Mellow" (he said, trying to preserve someone's anonymity with funny spelling as long as possible). But for anyone from Back Home (KRHS people especially), you are like "Oh, of course, HER!"  

I am super-grateful for all the connections that arise as they continue to manifest in a JIT (Just-In-Time) fashion! BTW - there are NO OTHER PATHS right now. Everything is in the Mellow Basket for NTD. Lots of other neat stuff and cool new people entering the scene non-NTD wise, but this is not the venue for that type of update.  

Speaking of updates, I have shared this little "blurb" with some folks on FB so I thought I would post it here too - enjoy - see you whenever there is NEW news that I can (am allowed to) share! ;-)

Here's the "blurb" -

"My plot is simple: Two Alien beings run the world, there's ONE company left that ...does everything, its employees are GLOBAL STARS and very well-known, everyone gets 'called into the games' at some point to win the life of their dreams --- so... one of the big stars of the ONE company gets called to play at the same time one of earth's poorest and most down-trodden dudes gets called to play --- the rich dude's dream life? become the Third God and usher in a NEW TRINITY --- the poor dude just wants to have the life of the BIG COMPANY STAR dude. So - there you have it. WORK IN PROGRESS. since the early 90s - dayjob keeps getting in the way - but i am still dedicated to making tens of millions off this copyrighted and fully registered work-in-progress... which could actually be a parts 1 and 2 of something already but I don't want people to think i copied the matrix with a 3-parter because my idea is not only better but it pre-dates those two fucking yokels by at least 10 years and i have notarized legal pad "scratch notes" and old "floppies" with date/time stamps from the early 90s on them galore if anyone gives me lip. No, I didn't "invent" the freakin' matrix. but the title of the movie back when I first started writing it WAY BACK WHEN??? V.R. WORLD (yes, VR WORLD!!! at that point NOT A SOUL had that term and was using it the way i was - i know, hilarious right? it's so retro). The work is called NEW TRINITY DAWN, has been for quite some time now, and the last publicly communicated details can be found here: ~ lots more going on since then, though. Just not ready to "pop" yet!

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