Friday, November 9, 2012

Full Circle & Moving Forward

From 15 years and about 2 months ago:

Well, I now live in Lawrence, Kansas with [EX #2 - name redacted] - the woman I met on the Internet in the Magic Dream Machine.  We have a real cool townhouse at the edge of the Meadowbrook complex right across from the KU campus. We are in love.

Have been carrying around the script for MONTHS now at this point... bringing to work with me - practically never letting out of my sight.  Just started to deal with the fact that no real work has gone into this thing (the script) for NINE months !!!  Have some new energy to make it happen.

I must:

Integrate both hard copies of the script - scene by scene - this will allow for an outline to develop too.

Put this into a format that I can use on the PC (maybe? or just leave it in here)

Continue to BELIEVE - let [EX #2] read the out put of Item # 1

Finish the missing 37 or 38 pages. The outline of this is done -  I know what happens - it’s just a question of 
when can I at least complete Item # 1 in this list?  By the end of September?  Too soon.

VR World is still a unique story and has not YET been stolen.... HURRY AND FINISH IT!!!

I will...

J. Ward-Nichols, 9-21-97 around 10:30 a.m. in Lawrence, Kansas 

Fast-forward to NOW ~ here is where we are at:

I renamed the Revised Intro as Rev. 3.0, declared CORE Word Doc (66 pages) and CORE Screenwriter File (thru Scene 29) to be Rev. 2.9. I was speaking with Amy a few weeks back and the idea of her script doctor friend taking a look at the script came up. I will explore this with Amy and see if the idea has merit. This could be the final piece of MAGIC that helps gets this thing ready for sale! There is still so much work to do. Only a draft of the ending exists and it’s in this document (the Appendix-Wiki). There still is too much dialogue and scenes that run long need to be mixed in with other scenes that are happening concurrently.

I have back moved out to Lawrence, KS for the third time. Relaxing, recharging, and regrouping is the focus (post-"you know who"). NTD is always on the to-do list, though. So this latest idea to loop Amy’s friend in might be a case of “right time, right place” – it sure feels like that!

Jim Ward-Nichols
Lawrence, KS, USA