Sunday, August 16, 2009

What is "New Trinity Dawn"?


Well, it's the current working title of a sci-fi script that I started way back in 1991. Back then, it was called "VR World" (too 90s at this point - LOL!). Then it was called "VR World: Dawn of the New Trinity" (which was eventually shortened to just "Dawn of the New Trinity").

And now, I think we've finally landed on something really cool:

New Trinity Dawn

Me like-ee!!!

This blog won't become fully active until mid-Fall, 2009. It will chart the resurrection of the script and offer historic background ("proof") of the journey I've been on with this thing (yes, This Thing) since the early 90s. The funny thing is, it's at least 3/4 finished. And the ending is already charted. But it's sat for years. When I moved to Sedona in 2006, I dusted it off, got my fresh copy of 'Final Draft' which was the software I was using, and put some notes in the Tracking Log. But that was about it.

First derailment? Working 70+ hours a week for AT&T through the 90s and well into the 21st century (until mid-2006, actually). While it was exciting and most definitely financially rewarding, it didn't leave too much time for anything else.

So... that's it for now. See you sometime in mid-OCT, I would imagine.

Jim Ward-Nichols
Greenwich, NJ, USA