Saturday, October 6, 2018

Just a Pretty Picture (well, not *just*)

The “LC Edition” (last updated 6/11/2018) - Called “LC” in honor of the initials of a PhD friend of my Dad’s (who’s also a PhD) and for Adriano Shaplin (aka Isme Boom) who always wanted a different font.

What follows is a casual conversation between Jim (Master of Science – Systems Planning & Technology Management), Kevin (Bachelor of Science - Environmental Engineering), and Mike (Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering) – all friends since Kindergarten (1967). Enjoy!

Jim: If you need to, you can reread this 50K-foot summary: How Everything Works (#HEW) - We’re woven into one of the gazillion copies of the Holographic Multiverse System. This system was designed to appear infinitely large and impossibly old but is, at most, between 7,000 and 10,000 years old. [This Holographic Multiverse System] is a tiny fraction of the size that the best and brightest minds believe it to be. We are “mere projections” who experience 2D (“Zero D”, actually) as “solid” and we live inside what amounts to a Really Big Box (with defined boundaries, of course) that we call “The Infinite Universe”.

All interactions between sentient beings on this planet (and their life circumstances in general) are entirely shaped by each being’s DNA Capability Set (DCS) and how that DCS has interacted with every other DCS (ever) since that being was born, even while the being was in the womb. Growth/Evolution (of the being itself and every single one of the being’s ancestors) is entirely governed by gazillion-variable “wave-function”- like equations that can definitely be impacted by the being’s physical environment and other Life Conditions as they evolve. There are, of course, different sets of equations running the show for each set of beings (down to the tiniest insect) inside each of the copies of the Holographic Multiverse System. It’s a highly choreographed free-for-all! And it’s mind-boggling! And I just love it!

Closest analogy: (but on a sub-atomic level - with everything tracked “as low as it goes”)

Just to recap the part of my theory that I shared with you the other night: Since everything in our copy of the Holographic Multiverse System must be "rendered" in some fashion at every instant in time, there must be a known location within the projection that is warehoused to be used in calculations for the next "rendering" (and this rendering happens so quickly it appears as fluid motion to our senses).

What do I call the data associated with the location of the Holographic Element within the overall projection inside our copy of the Holographic Multiverse System? I call this data the Specified Location Indicators (SLI). It not only warehouses the spatial coordinates of the Element, it contains Next Step data as well (and who knows what else).

And here's the kicker: this tracking occurs at the lowest level of observable matter (all the subatomic particles, “all the way down”, “as low as it goes”, etc.). And it occurs in every single one of the gazillion copies of the Holographic Multiverse System.

By the way, because the entire history of location & state for every “speck of matter” (whatever it is) at every moment in time is tracked and warehoused in the Big Data Warehouse In The Sky (BDWITS) - yes, “as low as it goes” - this might explain (partially, at least) the phenomena known as “Spooky Action at a Distance” (aka Quantum Entanglement). Think about it: if there’s a history of the spatial coordinates & state of/for every “speck of matter” at every moment in time and two objects come into close proximity with each other or occupy the same spot or are created in the same exact place at the exact same moment in time, they will *forever* have that set of SLI data in common in The Warehouse. The SLI data for each of these “specks of matter” will always carry that shared/similar location in the warehouse and it will be time-stamped at that precise moment in time in the warehouse. And, who knows, it might mean that the two “Components” aka “Holographic Elements” were rendered at that instant by the same “Projector Cell” (aka the same “bank of Holo-emitters in the Holodeck”). What might that trigger? Bells? Whistles? I have no idea. But it links them. Forever and ever. HEW and the Holographic Multiverse System (HMS) aside, I've never heard anyone reference anything even remotely similar when describing the possible causes of so-called “Spooky Action at a Distance” aka Quantum Entanglement. Let’s face it: "Spooky Action at a Distance" defies explanation and continues to baffle the best and brightest. And it always has. This at least explains how/why that “regardless of the distance between them” they will have that particular shared/similar SLI data in common always & forever. Thoughts?

Kevin: A quick question... or two... If the info in the “Holo Une” (our copy of the Holographic Multiverse system) is rendered at every instant in time, then doesn't that require an infinite amount of rendering? Or is time not continuous but rather a series of imperceptibly small time units all strung together? Speaking of rendering, isn't it time for a pulled pork sandwich or a savory dish of beef stew? As I understand, it's what's for dinner. Beef… it's a dead cow.

Jim: Yes! An infinite amount (infinite from our perspective, of course, but capped at a level sufficient for the appearance of "fluid motion"). As a reminder: our copy of the Holographic Multiverse System exists inside what amounts to a closed box with distinct boundaries - we refer to this as "The Infinite Universe".

Mike: Hmmmm.... a bit cavalier in throwing around the word "must"... infinite Holographic Multiverse Systems imply infinite computing power and infinite storage volume therefore it seems as though everything would be rendered in real time without the requirement of any warehousing. Storing the data and rendering it separately would be double work so it would be much simpler if the rendered object is its own data. If this is the case, it seems the "next step" data contained in each rendered object would be the resultant vector of a semi-random algorithm influenced by its own data iteration and those of the other rendered objects. Any other "next step" instructions imply either pre-determination or the intervention of a Superior Being. Of course it might take less energy for the Holographic Multiverse System to simply create actual objects instead of rendered ones...

Jim: We need to do a conference call! One quick response: our notion of "how much energy" it takes to create "real" V. "Holographic Multiverse Simulation" is most certainly skewed since this cosmology I am proposing has no real frame of reference (especially the Multiverse part of it). How the projection and detection system actually works - how it is constructed - is beyond me. The closest analogy is the Holodeck on Star Trek:

And besides: methinks “outside the box” science and math would seem like magic to us. The “outside the box” concept of Energy - even the notion of a fixed amount - may be wildly different than *anything* our “inside the box” 3-D/2-D brains could ever hope to comprehend. Nothing against us. Hey, we do the best we can (as Sentient Interactive Characters within our copy of the Holographic Multiverse System). Anywho... let's hash it all out some night LIVE! Might be interesting!

Mike: You should read "The Hydrogen Sonata" by Iain M. Banks. Among other things, there's a discussion about any sufficiently detailed simulation, i.e. one involving interactions between autonomous A.I.'s, becoming indistinguishable from reality and the associated moral implications. I'll scan & post the section if you're interested.

Jim: Please do! Sounds like a fitting analogy! But again, the notion of "how much energy" it takes to build even one copy of a fully interactive Holographic Multiverse System is a question we are asking ourselves from our very limited 3-D/2-D experience set. In fact, from that perspective, this whole discussion is throttled by that. But it's still fun to ponder!

Kevin: There's an infinite amount of energy available anyway; it's generated by the inter-dimensional "friction" between the infinite Holographic Multiverse Systems (which are all simultaneously adjacent to every other copy).

Jim: Nice theory, but I'm thinking that even the notion of "friction" is "oh so 3-D/2-D" and "just a pretty picture" that - AMAZINGLY ENOUGH - tests positive to us Sentient Interactive Characters for so-called "friction".

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